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The best 16 GB ram ultra note books, hyper-technological computers

16GB ram laptop. Notebook or laptop, that’s what English speakers call laptops. The advent of smartphones and tablets has made this type of computer less essential since many operations can also be carried out from the mobile phone. In the meantime, laptops have improved a lot, becoming much lighter and thinner and at the same time much more powerful, and therefore also more palatable. Among the most transportable models, we have two categories, the 2 in 1, i.e., tablets with a detachable keyboard and ultrabooks, actual laptops, but super thin and light.

Performance of system

Today we have selected the best notebooks on the market, in the ultrabook category, in the medium price range, between 600 and 1000.00 Euros including VAT. Here instead, you will find a solution for the cheapest laptops. We only included laptops with excellent performance, capable of performing all the working functions of a desktop computer, and with a maximum weight of one and a half kilograms. The monitor must have an adequate resolution to work on all types of applications, with at least Full HD resolution, 1920 × 1080 pixels, and a 13 ″ diagonal. The RAM must be at least 8GB, while the data storage unit must be solid-state, SSD, to ensure faster speed and superior reliability.

A mobile computer can be easily subjected to bumps and falls. All computers have an integrated multimedia compartment, with speakers, a microphone, and a webcam. For those who use the laptop a lot on the move or in places where a stable internet connection is not available, the connection can always be guaranteed by tethering through their smartphone or using a mobile router.

Install from google play store

The launch of the new Apple MacBooks equipped with the M1 super processors has given new life to the laptops of the bitten apple, and has put them back in the running among the best notebooks around 1000 Euros: at the end of the article you will find a comparison between the various versions and our advice,

Ultrabooks of the moment: powered by AMD Ryzen from the 4000 series: 16GB ram laptop

16gb ram laptop

For many people, the word microprocessor is synonymous with Intel, yet another American company has been messing around with everything in recent years. We are talking about AMD, which had had a long hibernation period after having had success years ago with the Athlon and Opteron. It came out starting from 2017 with processors based on Zen architecture. They are considering that thanks to these microprocessors’ successs, the company’s shares have increased their value by well over 4000%! In 2020, AMD launched the even more advanced Zen 2 architecture (Ryzen 4000 series) based on a 7nm production process, combining burning performance and shallow energy consumption. For this reason, the laptops of the moment highlighted below use these processors.

The Ryzen 4000 series are available in various versions, which differ in the number of cores (the number of physical processors in a single processor) and overall performance. The cheapest is the Ryzen 3. Then there are the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7. Next to these names are the numerical abbreviations: generally, the higher the number corresponds to higher performance and prices.

Best-selling mid/high-performance ultrabook: 14 and 15.6 ″ Huawei Matebook : 16gb ram laptop

16gb ram laptop

Although it founded in 1987, the Chinese multinational Huawei has only recently become known to the general public, thanks to a series of successful smartphones focusing on design, construction, and technical characteristics. However, Huawei’s activities are varied, including the production of laptops. The Matebook D model, thanks to the weight of 1.45Kg and the thickness of about one and a half centimetres, enter the ultrabook category by right.

It is not at the level of LG Gram or Acer Swift 5, which weighs much less. Still, the aesthetics and construction care are excellent, with the monitor body, skinny, made of aluminum that gives, at the same time, beauty and strength. . The screen, to ensure visual quality and viewing angle, is based on IPS technology and the resolution is Full HD. The 2020 edition with Soc AMD Ryzen 3500U was a great success. In 2021 Huaweifavouredr, the new 11th generation Intel Soc uninstalled 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. For this reason, the price is now higher.

USBs in a standard format: 16GB ram laptop

The connections are complete; there are two USBs in a standard format, one 3.0 and one 2.0, one HDMI, one USB-C that also works as a charging connector, and a 3.5 mm jack for audio, which can also count on two good speakers. The wireless section equips with both AA 2.4 and 5GHz connectivity and Bluetooth 4.1. The audio diffusion can count on a very sophisticated system, Dolby Atmos Sound System. Which promises 3D audio and perfect reproduction of bass and treble. The 57.4W battery provides autonomy, in energy-saving conditions, with monitor and calculation power reduced to 50%, of about 8 hours.

Pros: excellent aesthetics and construction care, good all-round performance

Cons: there is no integrated SD card reader, often found on this type of laptop. And on the 15.6 “, the keyboard is not backlit.

The ultrabook of dreams: powerful, very light, and technological! LG Gram from 15.6 and 17 ″ 2020/2021 edition

16gb ram laptop

Contrary to what one might imagine. Apple does not offer the lightest and most exclusive laptopse. But by the big Korean manufacturers, LG, Samsung, and Acer. LG has been offering the Gram for years. An ultra-light and thin handset that has been a status symbol abroad for some time. But for about a year, it has also been possible to buy it in Italy. Thanks to the magnesium alloys with which it is built. LG Gram is so light that it looks like a notebook and not a real and powerful computer. Supported by a 10th generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. The standard RAM is 8 GB, upgradeable in the aftermarket up to 20GB (some 17 ″ already have 16GB). The hard drive is a super-fast SSD.

The screen has Full HD resolution, while the lithium battery is huge. Despite the lightweight of the PC: 72Wh on 14 “and 80Wh on 15.6”, roughly double the competitors! The keyboard is backlit and equipped with quick access with a fingerprint. All the typical connections of a high-end PC (USB 3.1, audio, HDMI. RJ-45 network port) are enriched by the mythical interface USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 for video, data, and power. Durability is certified by the MIL-STD 810G military standard.

Specifications: 16GB ram laptop

The dimensions contains in 323.4 x 14.5 ~ 16.5 x 211.8 mm. The weight is only 995 grams: to understand how sensational this is. Think of a laptop that is a symbol of quality, lightness, and power, such as the 13 “Apple Macbook Pro. Which despite having a much smaller screen and battery, has a weight greater than about 40%!. The 15.6 ″ model has the same features except for the larger monitor. With the same Full HD resolution and weight of 1100 grams. The super 17 ″ model has a 25600 × 1440 pixel Quad HD resolution screen and various versions with even more powerful hardware. The 17-inch weighs just 1340 grams, once again a record value for a computer with such a large screen.

Pros: featherweight, highly sought-after materials, 23.5-hour battery life, military certification

Cons: missing a version with AMD Ryzen 4000 series SoC (currently the maximum)

Acer Swift 3/5 the most beautiful, powerful, lightest, and thinnest ultrabook: 16GB ram laptop

The Acer Swift 5 is, in our opinion, together with the LG Gram,  the best ultrabook notebook of this review, as it manages to combine power and portability perfectly. What makes the difference is essentially the material in which it is made, a very precious magnesium alloy, which has allowed the Asian manufacturer to keep the weight below one kilogram, 970 grams to be exact, and to win, for two consecutive years: 2018 and 2019, the  Red Dot Design Award, one of the most critical world design awards. Anyone who lifts it for the first time is amazed, as it is so light that it seems unreal.

The monitor, although glossy, has a special anti-reflective technology. Still, above all, unique among those selected, it also has a touchscreen, equipped with multi-touch functions, even with four fingers. The supply of connection ports is complete, with USB, USB Type C, and HDMI.

It is available in silver, blue and gold colors and with a 14 or 15.6-inch monitor. Even with the largest display, the weight remains below one kilo.

It is possible to buy it with different hardware configurations. 

In a nutshell, the Acer Swift 5 is the ultrabook for those looking for the ultimate in design, lightness. And power in a laptop, still affordable, given that the street price, the price at which you can buy. Depending on the version starts at around 800.00 Euros.

Pros: innovative design, lightweight, high power, touch-screen on many versions included in the price

Cons: Monitor backlight adequate for indoors, less for use in sunlight

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