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Difference between the primary and general election

Politics is quite complex, and people take much time to comprehend it. It is loaded with plenty of very confusing concepts. Most often, the central part of it is elections. Elections are a way of electing the desired political bodies and political persons for upgrading the system. Difference between primary and general elections The system of the region or country mainly depends on the people who hold power. The way for becoming a part of the system varies based on nature and types of elections. 

Primary VS General Elections

In the case of the primary election, the candidates for the election belong to the same party. Hence, in the general elections, the winners declared in the primary election subject to compete with each other. The primary election is the primary election that leads to the selection of politicians. Then, the selected winners compete with each other so that the most voted one comes out as the general election winner.

Voting for Elections 

The general election is the criteria for selecting who will hold responsible for holding the elected office. The primary election is run among the candidates of the same party. The party remains safe while the candidates are multiple who will compete with each other. While in the case of general elections. However, the voters get the right to choose the candidate for office. In primary elections, the voters get the right to vote on special election contests, ballot questions, and constitutional amendments.

Types of Primary Elections

There are different types of primary elections. However, the most common of these are four in number. The types and rules for the primary elections vary from state to state. The types for primary elections are:

  • Runoff primaries
  • Semi-open primaries
  • Closed primaries
  • Open primaries

The voters get the chance to come up with their preferences for the candidate of choice. In the case of general elections, However, the political body chose with most members. It is held for the legislative body of the territory, state, or nation.

Process Difference between primary and general election

Hence, The process for the primary election is much more straightforward and more accessible. Students must know how the elections conduct and what features and characteristics differ them from the other. The political parties get the right to choose the candidates for their office. However, They give tickets and vote to the candidate running for office. When the selection is made through a primary election, it is possible to consider conducting the general elections. The winning criteria in the general elections are the highest number of votes. Those who get the high votes in the general elections have to handle all the responsibilities. 

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The example of the primary and general election is necessary to go through for clarifying the concept. It is not possible to get the optimal idea about the comparison of both of these. However, The election between Obama and Clinton was the primary election. Similarly, the election between McCain and Romney was also the primary election. However, the general election was between Obama and McCain. 



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