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Difference between SQL and MYSQL

The most popular and commonly used data management tools are MySQL and SQL. Many of the beginners feel much difficulty in comparing both of these. They often confuse it with each other. The experience and better knowledge help much in differentiating MySQL and SQL. The set of data stored and organized in the computer is known as a database. The data is easily accessible and structured with the use of the database. Let us view the differences between both of these data management tools:


What is SQL?

SQL is the acronym for the Structured Query Language. The data management tool that pronounces as the Sequel or SQL SQL is the particular type of programming language that aims to help much in communicating with the database with ease. 

What is MySQL?

Oracle is the owner of MySQL and is popular to be the open-source RDBMS. It is indeed the combination of two words which are My and SQL. Here, the word My is indicative of the daughter of the co-founder Michael Widenius. However, the other portion is SQL which is the same as Structured Query Language.  MySQL is known to be an essential tool for a majority of reasons. The status of MySQL is open source which is indicative that it is entirely free to use. The feature of free to use makes it an ideal one. Oracle grants flexibility to MySQL, such as premier support services. 


SQL characterize by the quality of updating, retrieving, and adding the data in the database.  The companies and organizations most often store the data in the databases and can retrieve it when required. MySQL is an immensely used data management tool that can run on a variety of operating systems and platforms. It runs well on UNIX, Linux, Windows, and much more. It offers multiple storage engines such as FEDERATED, CSV, ARCHIVE, MEMORY, Merge, InnoDB, MyISAM, etc. For instance, the CSV engine will work well for storing the company data in the format of a CSV file. MySQL can use for storing the data and migrating it into alternative formats and locations.

Type of SQL Difference between sql and mysql

SQL databases are of various types. Some of the most valuable SQL types are Amazon Aurora, IBM Db2, PostgreSQL, and others. SQL has got a massive position in the official world. In 1986, SQL got the position for the official standard of ANSI (American National Standards Institute. However, It has been around for enormous decades but got massive popularity in this modern era. There are three significant types of MySQL. The primary data types stored in MyQSL are date and time, numeric, and string.

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In a Nutshell

MySQL has gotten much hype due to its feature of being free of cost. Hence, the developers can quickly learn data management on MySQL. However, SQL got extensive popularity due to the quick retrieval and easy addition of data into it. 



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