How much is a stamp?

How much is a stamp

Buy cheap company stamps.

Company stamps can be found in every office. They hardly take up space, are incredibly practical, and make office work a lot easier. With a company stamp, you can mark essential documents with your address, telephone number, e-mail address, your logo, and much more information in no time at all.

What must everything be on a company stamp?

A company stamp should contain all information that identifies the company. This includes the correct company name, the legal form (e.g., GmbH, KG, GbR, or similar), the company’s address with street and house number, zip code, and city. In the case of mail sent abroad, the country code should also include. Usually, the company logo, the telephone numbers of the head office, fax numbers and e-mail addresses or the company’s Internet address are also printed on a  There is no obligation to use a company stamp or mandatory information about what must be on a company stamp! 

How much does a company stamp cost?

The cheapest company in our online shop is a classic wooden stamp. Company stamps with stamp pads are available as so-called self-inking. The most affordable model is a Colop Printer Compact C30. It costs around 10 euros including VAT plus shipping costs.

Why is the company stamp?

Companies are for companies, businesses, and companies. They are practical helpers in everyday company life. The use, among other things, on company mail, offers, invoices, in the inbox, or other company documents.

Design your company stamp

All self-inking supplies with an ink pad in the chosen color. In the online configurator, you can easily design the text plate of your company yourself. So they can use it immediately after receipt. Have your company data changed? We have the solution: order a new text plate! The plates are self-adhesive, and you can easily replace them. Your company stamp is quickly ready for use again.

Create stamps for the company

There are two simple ways to design your new company stamp online:

  1. You select a model from many companies and text stamps in and then start designing the text plate.
  2. You select the stamp configurator in the “Design your own stamp” menu and first design the stamp imprint with the desired information. There are many design and formatting options to choose from.

You can also incorporate your company logo or corporate design into the design. In addition to the classic “blue stamp,” other colors are also available for the ink pad, depending on your requirements. The imprint display in a preview window. When you have finished designing, you can exit the configurator under “Complete design” and receive suggestions for models in the appropriate size for your text.

After your order, your new company stamp will produce by us in the desired design and quantity within a short time. With modern laser engraving technology, we offer you high-quality stamp products that will make your office work easier for many years. The new company stamp will deliver to you just 1-2 working days after receiving your order.

Which stamps are bought the most as company stamps? Automatic stamp!

The classic among the automatic company stamps and text stamps are the following models from the Trodat and Colop brands:

Trodat Professional company stamp

This automatic stamp consists of very robust steel construction. It is suitable for particularly precise imprints, as the built-in viewing window allows you to adjust exactly where you want to place your mark in the document. The Trodat Professional is a prevalent model in due to its long shelf life and clean impressions.

Trodat Printy Line automatic stamp

Another classic among the company is the smaller and very light Printy 4.0 from Trodat. This text in a handy format catches the eye with its simple but elegant design. It is available in many colors and is particularly practical in the office, as it always ensures accurate impressions. The integrated pad provides that they can use for a long time. If necessary, the Aad can quickly exchange at any time.

Colop Printer Line address stamps

The design of the Colop Printer Line is quite similar to the Printy 4.0 model from Trodat. The Colop Printer Microban has a decisive advantage over others: Thanks to the built-in “Microban technology” at the essential points of contact, it prevents the growth of bacteria that can arise in daily use. In everyday office life, stamps are often touched by many different people. This is very popular as a company to not transmit possible pathogens, as it contributes to a hygienic working environment.

Colop automatic stamps

Thanks to its extremely high stability, the Colop Expert Line company stamp ensures that it will last for years. This automatic is particularly robust due to its metal housing, which is made of at least 80 percent metal. This robotic is available in various sizes in the shop. Depending on how many lines of text your plate should contain, choose, for example, a Colop Expert Line 3100 for a text of up to 6 lines or the Colop Expert Line 3900 for a 12-line text.

The models presented are, of course, only a part of the company stamps in the range. In each category, you will find various models of symbols suitable for companies: businesses or government agencies. Suppose you are not yet sure which. Model is best suited for your company address. We recommend the configurator in the online shop. Here you can easily design the text of your choice for your company stamp. And then choose your model from a suitable selection.

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