How to block phone number on iPhone

How to block a number on iphone

Do you receive calls too often from a number that annoys you, or are you victims of the usual annoying call center that harasses you with annoying and continuous phone calls? If you didn’t know, it is possible to block a phone number on iPhone. 

The procedure for blocking a number on the iPhone is straightforward, and in a few moments, it will free you from those annoying interlocutors who insist on not giving you peace. The procedure we are going to perform is reversible, and in which case you realize that you have blocked a wrong number, you can always retrace your steps by unblocking the desired number.

There are several solutions to block a phone number on your iPhone. But in this guide, we will see the simplest ones. IOS allows you to block numbers without the use of third-party applications, and this greatly simplifies the procedure.

Call log block: How to block a number on iphone

Thanks to the iOS call log, we can block all those unwanted numbers present or not in our address book. To stop a number from the call log.You have to access the iPhone Phone app and enter the Recent section.

Proceed now by pressing the button depicting an “ i” circle on the right in the row relating to the contact you want to block. This will open a window with a detail of the selected number.

On this second screen, you will find the Block contact button that allows you to block the unwanted phone number. Which will no longer contact you. Just press this key to stop that particular number.

Call blocking and identification setting

There is also a second method to block a phone number. But, in this case, the contact to be secured must necessarily be present in our address book.

  • We scroll to the Phone item, and once inside, we select the Call blocking and identification function.
  • Once inside this menu, press the Block contact item to open the address book and select the contact to block. This contact will remain blocked even if you delete it from the phone book. However, you will no longer distinguish it from other numbers, thanks to the name. In this panel. You can also view all the contacts you have blocked to have complete detail of the block list.
  • It is well understood that this procedure will not prevent the contact in question from reaching you through third-party applications such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and the like. Therefore, if you want to block an annoying connection permanently, you will have to stop it on all other third-party platforms.

Unblock a blocked number

Through the Call blocking and identification menu described above. We can also go to unblock contacts that we no longer want to keep blocked. The operation is effortless, and you need to drag your finger from right to left on the line of the contact to be unblocked to display the Unblock command.

Press the Unblock button, and the contact will be able to reach you again.
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