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How to cleanse crystals?

It is vital to clear any new gems that come your way to remove them from any action they may have taken during their previous travels. Also, if you use any of the stones as therapeutic tools, they should be cleaned before and after each treatment period. Therapists will dedicate or program crystals to increase or enhance their vibrational energies. Programming also helps protect the stones themselves from being absorbed by any harmful point while in operation. In this article, we read about How to cleanse crystals?

Basic cleaning elements to cleanse crystals

There are many different ways to clean your gemstones. The choice of the best cleaning method depends on the type of stone you want to clean. An hour in direct sunlight is more than enough to clean most stones. However, some stones will fade if left in the sun. Amethyst is an example. Keep your amethysts out of direct sunlight if you want to keep their vibrant shades of purple. The cleaning of the moon can take several hours or days. To expose a stone to all phases ( full moon to new moon ), place the stone outside every night at dusk (recovery before sunrise) for 28 consecutive days.

Some stones dissolve in water, while others like to be soaked in fresh water. I clean most of my stones under a cold running tap while brushing them with a soft-bristle toothbrush until they are clean. It’s simple to do and not to eat How to cleanse crystals. My stones are happy to shine from the same source of water I take in my showers.

Recommended crystal purification methodsĀ 

  • Enamel – Crystals with sacrifices or liqueur (lavender, licorice, sage, etc.)
  • Sunlight – Turn on the crystals in the sunlight.
  • Moonlight – Activate the crystals under the moonlight.
  • Salt – Dip into a bowl filled with seawater.
  • Brooks, Lakes, Rivers – Clean crystals in a natural water tank (lake, river, creek, lake).

  • Brown Rice – Clean overnight in a bowl of brown rice
  • Earth – Turn crystals on the planet for ritual cleansing.
  • Cold tap water – Cleaning crystals with cold water.
  • Reiki – Infuse crystals by balancing the actions and symbols of Reiki.
  • White light – Visualize the glow of white light to clear your crystals.
  • Purple plates – tighten and activate with purple leaves.
  • Selenite – Use a selenite saddle to ripple over your other stones (selenite has cleansing properties).
  • Seawater Cleanses – Secure the stones in an eye bag, or you may lose them in the ocean.
  • Careful breathing – Put the stone in the clearing intention
  • Rainfall and Storms – Set your stones outdoors during rain for a natural wash. Activate them further, allowing them to sit during a storm.
  • Dew Drops – Collect dew drops from grass or leaves to clean your stones with.

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