How to fill out a check?

How to fill out a check

For a check to be valid, it must be completed correctly in all its parts, going straight to the heart of the matter. When writing a statement, fill out a check. The place of issue must always indicate which affects the waiting times for collection.

Specifically if the check is collected in the same municipality in which it was issued. We are in the presence of a bill” on the square ” which can be contained within eight days.


If, on the other hand. It is issued in a municipality other than where the collection takes place (“off-site” check). The deadline for submission increases up to 15 days.

 Date and amount fill out a check.

Another data that must always be reported is the date on which the validity of the check begins. Which generally corresponds to the actual issue date. Although issuing a post-dated statement is no longer a crime, the bank must report the crime to the Prefecture. After the days available to the beneficiary for the presentation of the check (8 or 15), whoever issued the security can ask the bank to cancel it.


The check must also always include the amount, which must be indicated twice: once in numbers (for example, 285.00) and once in letters, with decimal places after a slash (for example, / 00 if the digit is round ). The complete compilation will be two hundred and eighty-five / 00.

Beneficiary fills out a check.

The indication of the name and surname of the beneficiary (or of the company name, if a company or entity) is used to precisely identify the person who is entitled to cash the check. If you leave the field blank, the assessment can be cashed by anyone who presents it at the bank counter. In this case, the statement is said to be “bearer.”


Suppose you want the check to be collected only by the specified person. The “Non-Transferable” clause must be affixed as it must be done on reviews exceeding 1000 euros. These measures are used to limit the check circulation between people who are not known by the person who issued it.

Endorsed and signed

The check can be transferred to another beneficiary by endorsement, which is made by indicating the person’s name. On the back of the assessment (full acceptance) or by putting. Only the signature (endorsed blank). To issue a check to the drawer, you must write the formulas “to myself,” “mm,” or “to myself” in the space provided, finally, for the validity of the check. The person who issues it is required to affix manually in the appropriate area. His signature must be the same as the one deposited in the bank when the account was opened, under the penalty of nullity of the check.


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