How to get rid of a stomach ache?

How to get rid of a stomach ache?

Abdominal pain can have various causes. We’ll show you home remedies for abdominal pain and what the most common reasons for the pain are. In this article, we read about How to get rid of a stomach ache?

Where does the stomach ache come from?

Abdominal pain can come in different forms and accordingly have different causes. One of the most common causes is a problem in the digestive system, but heartburn, a bladder infection, or menstrual cramps can also lead to abdominal pain.

The unpleasant pain can also have very dangerous and serious reasons: Among other things, illnesses such as kidney or gallstones, colic, appendicitis, liver diseases, or gynecological problems can cause abdominal pain.

If you have particularly severe abdominal pain that recurs or occurs over a long period of time, you should therefore consult a doctor. This also applies if the pain occurs with severe vomiting, blood in the stool or urine, or a high fever.

If children complain of severe abdominal pain, one should not hesitate long and have the cause medically clarified.

Abdominal pain with gastrointestinal problems

In the case of gastrointestinal problems, the central part of the abdomen is primarily affected. If the pain is slight pulling pain and flatulence, for example eating too fast or a meal that is too large and fatty can be the cause of the pain.

If these problems occur regularly, they may also be due to food intolerance. To determine the cause of the uncomfortable gas, you can keep a food journal and then determine which foods are after the symptoms.

Home remedies that effectively combat gas and pain associated with it include:

Warmth: Put a hot water bottle or a warm cereal pillow on the sore part of your stomach. In addition, you can massage your stomach lightly to relieve tension.

Drink a lot: Our bodies need enough fluids to digest food. Therefore, make sure you drink enough fluids! In the case of flatulence, still, water, or warm herbal teas are particularly recommended.

Herbal teas: Fennel, anise, caraway, ginger, or chamomile tea have a calming effect on your digestive system.

Light food: Consume easily digestible foods such as potatoes, cooked carrots, bananas,  oatmeal, or crispbread. You should also be careful not to over-season your dishes and not to gobble them down too quickly.

Relaxation: Even stress and a hectic lifestyle can cause gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, try to incorporate small breaks into your everyday life. Yoga, meditation, or other relaxation exercises can help you with this.

In the case of a gastrointestinal infection, the mostly cramp-like abdominal pain occurs together with nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, body aches, and diarrhea. Again, you should take special care to drink enough! Warmth, herbal teas, or vegetable broth can also help. If this illness lasts longer than two to three days, you should consult a doctor.

Home remedies for stomach ache for heartburn

If the pain is rising, burning in the upper abdomen, which occurs in combination with acid belching, it is called heartburn. Simple home remedies that can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms include

Potato juice: It is considered one of the best home remedies because the starch it contains binds stomach acid and has a calming and deacidifying effect. You can either buy it ready-made at the health food store or make it yourself. Don’t drink too much of the juice, however, as the solanine in raw potatoes can cause symptoms of poisoning!

Herbal teas: Teas made from fennel, aniseed, caraway, chamomile to get rid of a stomach ache, nettle or yarrow can also have a stomach-calming and pain-relieving effect on heartburn.

Healing clay is another proven heartburn remedy. You can buy it as capsules, powder, or granules in health food stores or pharmacies.

Baking soda: Put a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of tap water and drink the solution in small sips. Soda is basic and when it reacts with stomach acid to get rid of a stomach ache, it creates water and carbon dioxide. However, do not take baking soda too often and in too high a dosage, as it can lead to flatulence and other stomach problems!

Note: If the home remedies cannot alleviate your symptoms and heartburn occurs frequently over a long period of time, you should consult a doctor.

Home remedies for abdominal pain during menstruation

Menstrual cramps can manifest themselves in the form of cramp-like abdominal pain, among other things. Again, there are some effective home remedies that can relieve the pain:

Yoga, gymnastics, or other light sports can relax tense muscles.

Warmth: In this case, too, hot water bottles or cherry stone pillows help against the pain.

Abdominal Massages: Massage your stomach clockwise for three to five minutes. You can use essential oil, for example, chamomile, to increase the calming effect.

Healthy lifestyle: A healthy diet, regular relaxation, and enough sleep can prevent or reduce menstrual pain. Above all, make sure you eat enough foods that are high in iron and magnesium.

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