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How to increase height after 18?

Are you a short person? Find out how to grow taller with simple daily stretching exercises. Try these steps to get taller and improve your self-esteem. In the following article, we get to know about How to increase height after 18? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Today’s canons of beauty dictate that being tall is attractive. However, many of us are not, and that means not only that we do not comply with beauty standards, but that, as a result of the above, we do not feel well the clothes that are in fashion, we have more difficult access to certain activities and, ultimately, we can get to see ourselves “ugly.”

How to grow taller: tricks

Natural growth in human beings stops when we reach adulthood, so that the height we have between 15 and 20 years is, without going into details, what we will have throughout our lives … Unless we decide to remedy it: there are a series of exercises that can loosen the joints and even slightly lengthen the bones, making us grow a few centimetres.

If what is required is to appear taller, to improve aesthetics, there are more straightforward and less labour-intensive systems than those that lead to growth, among which the following:

  • Wear high-heeled shoes with platforms or interior risers, which will instantly give us more height.
  • Wear stylised clothes. Usually, dark colours, vertical stripes, and narrow clothing are more stylish.
  • Take advantage of hairdressing fashions. The hairstyles with volume, Types, carded … give some semblance of greater height.

Exercises to grow taller

The exercises consist of stretches that separate the bones and will hopefully make us grow a few inches. It is recommended that this routine be done at least twice a day, regardless of whether it is an introduction to a training session or not. After it we can move on to a series of specific exercises:

  • Touch your feet : 

While standing, with your feet together and your legs fully stretched, bend your waist forward until you touch your feet with the tips of your fingers to increase height after 18. At first, you may not get there. Still, suppose you repeat the operation daily at the end. In that case, you will not only get to touch them, but you will probably manage to get your entire palms in contact with the ground, or even, depending on the flexibility of each one, to place your hands behind your feet.

  • Hang from a bar: 

Hanging from a bar helps stretch the spine and, therefore, grow, regardless of how we turn ourselves. We can do it by the arms, as if we were doing pull-ups (and do them or not, depending on our abilities) or move forward hanging from the bar to the bar, as in the playgrounds, or we can hang by the feet to increase height after 18. In either case, the vertebrae will separate, achieving the desired effect.

  • Jump rope: 

Jumping rope, if done with the legs together and trying to jump as high as possible without separating them, helps to lengthen the bones of the leg, increasing the height by a few centimetres.

  • Sign up for swimming: 

Swimming is one of the complete sports that exist and, at the same time, it is a very low-impact sport, since when performed in an aquatic environment, it does not force the joints. Swimming can be done at all ages and, among many other benefits, it helps to stretch all the limbs and develop the muscles of the torso.

  • The cobra: 

You have to lie on your stomach with your feet together and stretched out. And your hands on both sides of the body. And, from that position, lift the body. Arching the back so that the lower belly area is permanently glued to the floor to navel height. Initially, the force should be done with the lower back, but when you can no longer raise your head, you can help yourself with your arms, bending your elbows so that you push up. In the final position, the spine must form a curved line that must not turn sharply at any point, avoiding focusing pressure on the lumbar region. While raising your head, you should inhale, and when you begin to exhale, you should accompany the breath with a gradual move back towards the initial posture.

  • The candle: 

This exercise is somewhat more complex than the previous one, and it may be difficult for you to master it. You begin by lying on your back on the floor. With your arms stretched out at your sides and your palms against the ground. Then, the legs are gathered, bringing the knees to the chest. And then the feet are raised upwards, keeping both legs straight until only the head. Shoulders, and arms rest on the floor. To maintain balance, you can bend your elbows and support your butt with your hands.

  • The bridge: 

Lying on your back, with the legs and elbows bent so that the hands rest behind the shoulders. With the palms in contact with the ground and the tips of the fingers pointed towards our feet. Push up and raise the body until they are entirely arched as if forming a bridge.

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