How to make a bow out of ribbon?

How to make a bow out of ribbon?

When you have finished a beautiful package, will you be upset about how to give your gift a delicate bow? A small bow will have been tossed for a long time without getting it out. Here are a few ways to tie the bow. It will be more exquisite to attach greeting cards or small flowers, tiny dolls, and other small things to the bow. In this article, we read about How to make a bow out of ribbon?

How to tie a ribbon to a bow How to make a bow with a ribbon

The first

  1. First fold the rope into a cross, and then cross it around;
  2. Then fix the middle position with your fingers, and bend the ribbon on the right side into a small circle;
  3. Then wrap the ribbon on the left around the small process just now, fold it on the bottom left, and hold the two small circles with your thumb;
  4. Wrap the ribbon over the ribbon circle on the right, and then pass the ribbon on the left through the ribbon circle;
  5. Put the ribbon circle on the right side on the left side, and put the ribbon that passed through the process on the left side on the right side to tighten. A simple bow is formed;
  6. Then trim the stripes on both sides into the shape you like, and you’re done.

The second:

This method requires a relatively long ribbon, and you need to prepare a ribbon that is four times longer than the sum of the box’s length, width, and height.

  1. Leave the necessary length of the bow, and then go around the box vertically;
  2. Change the cross of the colored ribbons to horizontal, and then wrap the box around once more;
  3. Then pass the part of the bow that was initially left out.
  4. Tie the ribbon worn underneath into a bow, and then fasten it. A beautiful and straightforward bow can be tied to your gift box full of heart.

The third:

This method of tying a bow also requires a longer ribbon, and a ribbon that is 3 times longer than the length, width, and height of the box should be prepared. Set aside enough size for a bow tie.

  1. Place the bow at an angle;
  2. Place the diagonal ribbons in parallel, and then roll them up;
  3. Pass the ribbon on the left under the ribbon on the right and tie a beautiful bow to finish. This is more unique than the previous one, forming two diagonal ribbons that are parallel to each other.

Use ribbons to make bows

After reading the above three ways of tying bows with ribbons, have you learned how to show your hand when wrapping gifts? Have you found that tying a bow with a ribbon is not so difficult? A gift is exquisitely wrapped, and others will be especially happy when they receive the gift. Come and learn it quickly.

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