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How to make sloe gin?

Sloe Gin infused with blackthorn berries and sweetened. Although it similar to some grappas we are used to in Italy, it not very well known here and, in general, it is not very consumed outside England. In reality, however, Sloe Gin could meet the tastes of many, and it is also well finished alone and, above all, it not at all challenging to try to make it yourself at home! The important thing is not to make any mistakes and follow our suggestions, and you will find out how to make a perfect Sloe Gin that will give you great satisfaction.

Sloe Gin is an excellent liqueur, also easy to make at home!

A belief to be dispelled is that sugar should be put at the beginning. When the blackthorn berries infuse, do not make this mistake otherwise part of the sugars and flavors of the berries lost. Furthermore, it is only by tasting the result at the end of the maceration that you understand how much sugar to add. To avoid having too much or too little sweet Sloe Gin. One tip is to use plain syrup instead of granulated sugar, so there is no need to wait for it to dissolve. To make simple syrup Melt an equal amount of sugar and water in a saucepan (over low heat and stirring), then let the mixture cool before use (you can keep it in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to a week.

The second mistake you should NEVER make is to use a poor gin. Blackthorn berries won’t help it get better. You’ll get crap. Better to invest some extra money for one of the many premium gins that we always recommend. You will gain in quality, flavor, and even health! Among other things, in addition to gin, you can also use grappa. Or brandy to make excellent liqueurs with blackthorn berries!

Add Chopped Almonds

The third tip is to add chopped almonds at the beginning of the maceration or chop some plum stones (the almond is easier to break up). You will get a slight aftertaste similar to marzipan, which gives added value to the Sloe Gin.

It is vital to use well-ripened blackthorn berries. To understand if they are ready, crush them with your hand. If they are hard, then they are not good. Ripe blackthorn berry is similar to a small ripe plum. You can’t go wrong. There is no particular advice to give regarding the collection of berries. Do as you like. The important thing is that they are ripe. If you collect them, know that you must freeze them in the freezer for a day or two to break the berries well and homogeneously, obtaining the maximum possible extraction of flavors during maceration if you have no way of picking the berries yourself. Even those in the shop or order on the internet are fine.

Collect or procure ripe blackthorn berries, freeze them for a day. Fill half of a bottle with them, then add premium gin to the brim. Preferably a London Dry. Leave the sealed bottle to macerate for a minimum of three months. Then filter the contents well and add the quantity of sugar and simple syrup. Suitable to obtain the desired degree of sweetness.

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