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How to play Powerball?

Powerball is a popular game that people play to get a reward. It comprises a variety of numbers, and people playing the game select the number of their desire. 

Buy the Entry Ticket and Play Powerball

There are multiple ways to play Powerball. The player has to make a selection from different options before starting the game. This range of options include:

  • System and Pick Entries
  • PowerHit Entry
  • Standard Entries
  • Advanced Entries
  • Standard Entries

System and Pick Entries

In this, the player gets multiple chances of winning. The winning can be made in multiple prize divisions, so the chances of winning enhance. It comes up with the PowerHit Pick 6, PowerHit Pick 5, Pick entry, PowerHit System entry,  and system entry. The features of all of these vary from each other. 

Standard Entries 

In the standard entry, the player has to make the selection for seven numbers. In this game, the range of numbers is from one to thirty-five. Besides selecting seven numbers, the player also has to select the 1 Powerball number from each panel which ranges from one to twenty. In the standard entries, there are two categories which include marked entry and QuickPick. Choose any one of these. Marked entry is the one that lets you play about 18 games and 50 games through marking coupons in-store and creating an online entry, respectively. However, in the case of QuickPick, the numbers for the players are generated randomly, and there is a fixed number of games to play.

PowerHit Entry play Powerball

The PowerHit entry is the one in which there is a guaranteed Powerball number for winning. In case of picking the red Powerball, you will get the reward of a $4 prize. It literally means that the $2 purchase would decrease your chance of doubling your investment. There are 26 red balls in the Powerball game where you need to choose the rational one for winning.

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Advanced Entries

The player can select the number of weeks to play after finalizing the Powerball entry type. You can schedule it the way you like with the assistance of Advance entry. The player can play his favorite game with ease for a duration of several weeks. The multi-week entry lets you play for the multiple draws, which are often the ten consecutive draws. With the help of the Subscription entry, the player can atomically enroll for the draw and even reach the Powerball jackpot level.

Winning of Powerball Prize play Powerball

The player of the Powerball has to select one number correctly to win the Powerball prize. To win the Powerball Jackpot in any division, the player’s entry has to match with the winning Powerball number and all seven winning numbers. However, in the case of failure, there is still the opportunity to win. If you fail to win the Jackpot, then no worries, you can still win a little prize by matching the Powerball number and two winning numbers. 

Claiming of Prize

The winner will get the prize when he claims it at the in-store or online form where he bought the ticket. Claim it as early as possible to get your winning prize.



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