how to share location on iPhone?

how to share location on iPhone?

Google Maps for iPhone has been updated to make sharing a lot easier. Here, I would like to introduce how to do it.

This section introduces how to share Google Maps, but please refer to the following to share the iPhone default map.

How to share Google Maps

Create a link for your current location

First, let’s look at how to share the current location, which can now be shared in real-time.

Regarding the sharing method, the blinking blue circle is the current position, and if it is not on the screen, tap the icon at the bottom right of the screen to display the current situation in the center. Then tap the icon for your current location.

Then, a menu like this will open, so tap “Share your current location information.”

In addition, the menu will open, and you will see that “1 hour” is checked, which represents the time that can be shared in real-time.

Sharing of real-time location information may cause battery consumption by constantly communicating. So if you can meet in a shorter time, you may want to adjust the time. Then tap “Other” to share it on LINE.

If you select Other, you can easily share it with LINE groups.

Share each other’s location information.

For example, suppose the person who sent the URL of the location information of Google Maps is Mr. E. When the person who received the location information of Mr. E accesses it, the whereabouts of Mr. E can be found like this. Then, let’s share the location information with the recipient by tapping “Share your current location” to Mr. E.

When you tap it, this screen will appear, so ask to tap Share again.

When the person who received the location information from Google Maps shares the location information, Mr. E will also be notified. If you share the location information by the same procedure, a list of shared people will be displayed at the top of the screen. You can find out the position of the person just by tapping it. It’s convenient. In addition, the URL that shares the current location on the smartphone cannot be viewed on the PC.

Share your location information with others.

If you want to share your location with others, tap the link, tap the add icon on the far right and select the app you want to share as well.

Delete current location share

Just select the link and turn off sharing.

Share a specific location.

For example, if you don’t know your address or have a place that’s hard to explain, you want to share that place.

First, press and hold the position you want to share. Then a marker will be added, and the specified point will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, so tap it.

Then, there is a share icon, so tap it.

Since sharing the above specific place is “nearby,” the position may be slightly misaligned. In that case, you can copy it by tapping the following part, so you need to send it and search it on Google Maps.

Share the store

You can easily share the meeting place at the coffee shop and the home of the drinking party. First, enter the address or store name in the search field to search. Then tap the store in the search results.

After that, tap the share icon in the same way.

Select and share the app you want to use for sharing

Share your location with iPhone shortcuts

Using an iPhone, you can easily share your current location on Google Maps using the shortcut app.

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