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How to share WIFI password?

Wi-Fi, which allows smartphones and tablets to be used online via high-speed communication, has become an indispensable part of everyday life. Although it is such Wi-Fi, it is adequate to share the password to use it with many people. In this article, we read about How to share WIFI password?

We will show you how to share your Wi-Fi password

How to check your Wi-Fi password

How can I find my Wi-Fi password? I will introduce the confirmation method.

Router label

It depends on the type of Wi-Fi, but basically, the password is written along with the SSID on the label affixed to the bottom or back of the router.

In addition, the password may be included in the instruction manual so that you can check it.

Check with a device connected to Wi-Fi.

With the Wi-Fi router, you can check various settings from a connected device such as a PC. The method of opening the setting screen differs slightly depending on the manufacturer. Still, it is possible to extend the setting screen from the dedicated software by entering the specified address.

You can check your password from the settings screen, so if you don’t know your Wi-Fi password, it’s a good idea to prevent it from the settings screen.

How to share your Wi-Fi password

If you share your Wi-Fi password, you can use many terminals to communicate online. If you share your password with your family, you can enjoy games and videos.

We will introduce in detail how to share Wi-Fi passwords, so please refer to it.

Enter the password

To share your Wi-Fi password, you must first know your password. Also, if you do not know the SSID, you will not connect to the Internet to share WIFI password, so you need to check both the SSID and password.

The SSID will be displayed automatically if you try to connect to Wi-Fi and the signal is within reach so that you will know immediately.

However, since passwords are complicated with ten or more alphanumeric characters to share WIFI password, you will not be able to share passwords unless you check them in advance.

If you have a Wi-Fi router nearby, you can check the label sticker with the SSID and password, so you can share and use Wi-Fi if you prevent it.

Use the password sharing function.

If the device you want to share is an iPhone, you can share the Wi-Fi password by bringing the connected iPhone closer.

As a sharing method, open the Wi-Fi password input screen on the iPhone that is not connected and bring the password closer to the iPhone that is already connected, and the message “Do you want to share?” It will be displayed on the sharing source iPhone. , You can connect to Wi-Fi by tapping “Share password.”

With this password sharing method, you can connect to Wi-Fi without telling the other party the password, so there is no worry that the password will be leaked and misused.

However, to use the password sharing function, you need to register contacts on each other’s iPhone. Please note that the password sharing function cannot be used if only one of them is written.

Precautions when sharing a Wi-Fi password

Sharing your Wi-Fi password is convenient because you can use Wi-Fi with your family. However, there are some points to be aware of, so it is necessary to know in advance.

Let’s introduce what kind of precautions there are.

Be careful of unintended sharing.

The number of households using Wi-Fi increases year by year, and the number of children connecting to game consoles is also growing. You may feel relieved because it is not a public area, but Wi-Fi radio waves are flying around even at home.

Therefore, malicious third parties can invade as long as the radio waves can reach it. Be aware that if a third party breaks in and unintentionally share it, it may be gained unauthorized access.

Be careful of free Wi-Fi.

Anyone can use “free Wi-Fi,” which is provided free of charge in public facilities. Since no password is required, various people and devices can connect at the same time. Some of them carry out malicious virus infections to extract personal information by unauthorized access. Since free Wi-Fi is accessible, it may be vulnerable in terms of security, so you should be careful when using it. If you don’t need to use it, it’s wise not to use it as much as possible.

You can use it in various ways by sharing your Wi-Fi password.

If you can share your Wi-Fi password, your family can easily communicate online. It is convenient because you can connect to the Internet according to games, internet search, watching videos, etc. The password sharing method can be realized by the contents introduced this time, so please consider it once. However, it is also essential to be careful not to receive malicious unauthorized access, so be careful when sharing your password.

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