How to stop, period?

How to stop period

How to stop period. There are several methods and techniques capable of responding to those women who are looking for how to block the menstrual cycle for one reason or another. However, we must be careful and always seek medical advice.

There are times when the arrival of the menstrual cycle is not at all pleasing to us women; for example, in conjunction with the holidays, with participation in a sporting event or an event to which we particularly care. Many women go into crisis if the wedding day arrives. These are situations where we all want to know how to block the cycle.

Indeed, it is possible to postpone or temporarily block your period, but it is always advisable not to modify a natural and physiological process unless it is essential. This is linked to our fertility and the possibility of having children. In any case, the advice and directions of your gynaecologist may help.

There are several techniques and methods, even ancient and natural, for not having a period when we don’t want it. Here are some remedies and how to use them.


The birth control pill is also frequently used when trying to stop the cycle safely. Its intake must be monitored by the doctor who prescribes it; its use to block the menstrual flow must be motivated by severe reasons.

Usually, the mode of use of the pill involves the consumption of a pack of 21 tablets; finished, it suspends and then resumed. To block the menstrual flow, however, the tablets of 2 boxes must take without taking a break which will  postpone for a month. Alternatively, from the second pack, you can take the pills for another seven days. To evaluate which solution is most suitable for our case, it is essential to contact your gynaecologist.

In addition to the birth control pill, you can take norethisterone, a drug that can delay the menstrual cycle in the case of premenstrual syndrome, metrorrhagia, amenorrhea, polymenorrhea and endometriosis.


In addition to drugs, there are older and more natural methods to block the oncoming cycle. These are techniques that have foundations in popular culture and tradition and have no scientific basis.

Many are wondering how to block the cycle with power. In addition to following a specific diet, it is necessary to start following the technique ten days before the expected appearance of the bike. In this case, therefore, it is essential to know how to calculate the days of the cycle.

Some foods must exclude from our diet because they induce menstruation and expulsion of the endometrium. In particular, spicy foods, such as hot peppers and those that raise the body’s temperature should avoid. Fruits such as papaya, pineapple, mango and dates, root vegetables and sesame should not take in particular.

According to the ancients, if consumed a week before the expected arrival of the cycle, red lentils can delay it.


There are, in nature, medicinal plants and herbs, which manage to block our cycle; however, before experiencing the effects on our body, it is advisable always to seek medical advice.

In particular, the herbs that block the cycle are two herbs: Capsella and cento mobile. Capsella is a herb that manages to reduce blood flow and usually use in cases of significant blood loss; the centre foglie, on the other hand,  use as a generic remedy in case of failures.

Familiar places and traditions suggest that herbal teas of valerian and chamomile and infusions of nettle, valerian, cinnamon and blueberry are also effective. Parsley also has this power, but the side effects can be many.


The low temperatures can block the cycle. For this reason, one way to avoid menstruation or delay is to take a cold bath or apply ice to your stomach. In some cases, in this way, the cycle delay by a day; in others, however, the process may skip entirely and appear only the following month. The consequences, however, could be dire; in this way, in fact, pain and discomfort, typical of the menstrual period, could occur in an accentuated way.

Another system, especially indicated for athletes, is to intensify the training sessions . Physical stress, in fact, can induce the delay or blockage of the menstrual cycle.

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