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Running to lose weight

Running is a great sport to lose weight by burning calories fat and helping to lose weight. Also, keep our body physically and internally maintained, and we can still stay active for many more years. But be careful while running it may stretch your feet or muscle but dont worry in this article I will guide you about running to lose weight and many more benefits of running. In the following article, we get to know about Running to lose weight. So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

The past few years have proven that running is a simple and cheap weight-loss sport. It’s a natural process that eliminates glucose and carbon dioxide from the body. 

How to start running to weight lose

  • First of all, it’s necessary to take joggers or comfortable shoes for running. It’s not essential, but with it, you can run easily, smoothly, and you feel comfortable and light while running.
  • I recommend you to follow a couple of routes for running that are long and broad and away from the market. Always select the routes with a realistic view with the surrounding plants and trees and away from the people to run without stopping in nature.
  • Before running, you need to warm up your body with walking and a little easy exercise to avoid muscle problems and injuries. So, give 5 minutes to walking and exercises to warm up and ready to run your muscles.
  • After a warm-up, you are ready to run, so activate your stopwatch and track the time and distance to cover the route.


  • With this stopwatch, you can notice that you take 30 minutes to reach the route when you start running, and after a few days, you can do this same task within 10 minutes. Because you initially have less speed and after daily running, you start losing weight and get more speed to perform the task.
  • Change your pace with the time like first five minutes take the light pace and then next 10 minutes with fast paces can entertain you and change the muscle working that help to lose weight.
  • When you are running, also move your other body parts with your feet as moving your arms and thus show that you are also physically active.
  • Finally, after finishing the daily running session without any injury or muscle problem, you walk for 5 minutes to relax the body.
  • You have to burn the fat and calories, and dont drink cold water or other drink after running; consume cucumber, mint, lemon, ginger, etc., juices without adding ice cubes.

At the end

The trainers suggest running in the morning with an empty stomach helps more to lose calories while in the afternoon you have consumed a meal that gives you more calories to perform the task. It also improves the body’s energy and physical resistance, relieves the fight against stress, improves the person’s motivation, and helps increase mental clarity, just like the practice of other sports.

Changes in pace are excellent for burning fat, and a good option could be to try a fartlek session (different speeds) once a week. It is excellent for improving your aerobic capacity and getting your body and legs used to training.

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