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Square foot gardening

Definition: Square Foot Gardening is defined as small-sized gardens created to grow vegetables and fruits for kitchen usage. This technique was invented by Mel Bartholomew, who is an engineer and a gardener by profession.

Advantages of Square Foot Gardening:

  • This is the best method to produce a lot of yield from a tiny place. So, you can grow as many vegetables and fruits as you want.
  • This is an effortless way to start a kitchen garden as it is very convenient for those new to creating it.
  • It is straightforward to maintain because it is small in size and requires very little time to do it.
  • Due to its tiny space and size, square foot gardening is not expensive at all. It requires a significantly less amount that is to be invested. The best part is that the fruit to bear is fresh and healthy and is in bulk.
  • There is no need to bother digging a deep garden only because the raised beds are built on top of the ground and don’t require any digging or replanting. Underneath the bed, the grass breaks down on its own.
  • Even though you’re beginning with soil that’s rich in micronutrients, building raised beds and refilling them with premium rich soil provides you an instantaneous edge over a typical garden.
  • Raised bed soil drains and warms faster in the spring, enabling you to sow spring greens earlier.

Building of a square foots garden

A 4′ x 4′ planting area is typically used to make square foot gardens. A 4′ by 4′ planting box is ideal since it provides a good amount of growing space without being so large that reaching the center from the sides is difficult. Note that you should never walk inside your planting area. Therefore you should be successful in getting into the middle to weed, plant, and harvest.

You might not have to stick to one planting box; make sure there will be enough rows to grow in. Three-foot-wide rows are usually considered to be an appropriate width. Establishing a square foot garden bed is similar to building a raised bed in terms of procedures. Even though some gardeners use bricks, stones, concrete blocks, or artificial materials, wood is the most preferred building element. Keep in mind that untreated wood will deteriorate in a year.

Who really should experiment with square foots gardening?

Gardening on a square foot is intended to be affordable to anyone. For first-time gardeners, the method’s simplicity makes it easier to understand. As a learning tool, it’s also fantastic for kids.

Laura Bartholomew stated that it fits itself more to kids, particularly homeschooled children, as there are several factors they can learn.

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