How To Level Up Your Fashion Game With Customized Gold Jewelry


Gone are the days when people were forced to choose from a few jewelry designs that were available in the market. Today, in the day and age of customization, people are no longer restricted to wearing what is available in the showrooms. They can create their own designs and get customized, unique jewelry made for themselves. 

Trends In Jewelry-Making

Modern jewelry manufacturers give you the liberty to choose the style and design of jewelry. Moreover, they make jewelry with a wide range of metals. Modern jewelry manufacturers are making use of gold-filled ornaments instead of those that are made up of pure gold. Gold-filled jewelry is made by joining two layers of gold and sandwiching other baser metals in between them. So, if you visit a gold-filled jewelry manufacturer, keep the following points in mind when ordering a new piece of jewelry.

Customized Designs With Gold-Filled Jewelry

In order to customize jewelry, it is essential that the metal is malleable. Also, the metal should not break or develop cracks if it is molded. Hence, factors like hardness, flexibility, etc, are always important where jewelry-making is concerned.

  • Hardness – if a layer of cobalt and brass is added in the layer between two layers of gold, it makes the composite material quite hard and durable. So, if you buy brass and cobalt-filled gold jewelry, that is going to last for a long time.
  • Flexibility – The flexibility of the material is important in jewelry-making because a material that cannot be bent, twisted, or drawn into a wire cannot be made into a ring or bracelet. 
  • Shine and color- gold-filled jewelry has more shine than pure gold, but pure gold, as such, has a more radiant color. So, depending on your preference ( shine or radiant color), you can choose the percentage of gold that is to be filled.

How To Choose Customized Jewelry That Stands Out

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to customized jewelry. You have the liberty to choose any design that reflects your personality and conveys your sense of style. Here are some common types of customizations that you can make in your jewelry. 

  • Jewelry that carves out your name or birthdate- many people like to wear jewelry that is uniquely theirs, and having one’s name or birthdate inscribed or carved out in a bracelet or pendant is quite a unique choice.
  • Jewelry that depicts your unique style, for instance, skull jewelry or punk fashion.
  • Jewelry that is reflective of your favorite cartoon, sport, or even your favorite Pokemon.
  • Jewelry with charm stones. Several gemstones have astrological significance, and if you want, you can get your gold-filled jewelry and add an astrological stone of your choice.


Wearing jewelry that uniquely reflects your style is both liberating and empowering. Today, jewelry manufacturers allow you to design your jewelry and make modifications as per your price range and style preference. But if you wish to get value for your money, do not compromise on style and ensure you get certificates that depict the ratio of base metal to gold.


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