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What does a cavity look like?

Who would not like to have a perfect pretty smile? Everyone, right? Having a good jaw and nicely cleaned and sparkling teeth is a dream of many people, and they achieve it by visiting dentists almost every week. All your perfect smile dreams shatter especially when you have plaque or cavity in your teeth. It hurts a lot when it remains untreated. In the following article, we get to know about What does a cavity look like? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

What does it look like?

Many people in this world still do not know what a cavity looks like. It might look a bit dark-colored or may appear black on the tooth’s surface. This has to be noted that the damage caused by cavities to the tooth cannot be reversed. 

There are many reasons for having cavities in the tooth. People who have a sweet tooth and cannot avoid eating sweet or starchy foods are more likely to have cavities in their teeth. So people who love to eat sweets should take care of their teeth and brush two times a day.

A cavity can be formed due to sticky plaque on the surface of the tooth. This will not expose the teeth to the toothpaste to clean the tooth properly. It will also hinder the supply of minerals to the teeth, hence forming plaque. People who love to feed on sodas and sugary beverages are also likely to develop cavities in their teeth.

The enamel of the teeth can suffer from cavities, especially when there is frequent acid reflux or acidity problem in an individual. The acid will erode the teeth, resulting in cavity formation.


Not everyone can recognize the presence of a cavity in their teeth. It can happen in any tooth, whether a molar tooth or any teeth present in the crown or the jaw. Patients who have cavities in their mouth are reported to have said that they feel tooth sensitivity means pain when eating or drinking cold or hot items.

Some people might face swollen jaws and extreme pain, leading to unbearable conditions. Many people have reported that they have experienced tooth brittleness or chipping, and their teeth are falling away. Many people have said that they could not stop and prevent the continuously bad odor from their mouths. Even sometimes they develop a bad taste in their mouth as well.

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