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How to Remove a Radiator?

Radiators in the houses are used to transfer heat to the surrounding air. A basic overview of a radiator about how it works is on a principle of convection. remove a radiator It means a radiator collects the cold air in the bottom and discharges it as warm air in the surroundings.

The radiators used in houses can be both heats as well as electricity. The primary purpose of the radiator is to maintain a perfect atmosphere inside the cabin by following the basic rule of convection.

But if you ever plan to remove a radiator for any reason, you need to have a general idea about it. Removing a radiator is a simple task. You do not specifically need to seek help from a professional. At the same time, the radiator is quite heavy, and you cannot move it alone. So, you need someone to help you in this respect.

Why Remove Radiator?

  • Many reasons can contribute to remove a radiator, such as:
  • Redecorating your home
  • It would help if you had some interior changes
  • Whether you want to bring a new radiator
  • Or maybe there occur some technical error in the radiator

Tools Required to Remove Radiator

The tools that you will need to remove the radiator are:


        A-Pillar or a grip Tool


        Radiator bleed key

        Washing Bowl

How to Remove Radiator?

We have listed below a few simple steps that will help you open a radiator easily without seeking professional help or without using any other.

1.    Turn the Radiator Off

The first thing to start with is by turning off the radiator or the heating. Wait for a while and let the radiator cool down. It will protect you from any problems or issues.

2.    Try to Avoid Mess

As the radiator is full of water and put on the floor, it can dirty the floor. So, you can avoid such a situation by placing the towel on that specific spot where you want to put the radiator. Over that old towel, place a washing bowl right beneath the radiator.

The bowl will collect all the excess water, and the towel will protect the floor from ruining.

3.    Remove the Radiator Valves

Now that you have secured the place and are ready to remove the radiator, start opening the valves one by one on each side. With the help of a spanner, gently undo the valves of the radiator on each side.

4.    Drain out the Water

After removing the valves, drain out the water in the washing bowl. Remove every single drop and make the radiators empty. It will be easier to move the radiator quickly, and it is necessary to empty the radiator before replacing it.

5.    Lift the Radiator and Move it

Now, the radiator is empty, hold it carefully and remove it from the actual place. At this point, you can seek help as the radiator is too heavy, and a person alone cannot remove it.

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