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What do squirrels eat?

This is an explanatory essay as well as a literary work describing small animals in nature. Through the detailed description of the squirrel’s shape, color, purpose, and other aspects, this small animal’s beautiful appearance, docile habits, and well-behaved personality are outlined, highlighting the squirrel’s unique characteristics and What do squirrels eat?

Said it is an explanatory text because it is an article with an explanation as to the primary way of expression, aiming to explain the appearance (shape and color), habits (tame and well-behaved), purpose (meat, fur, skin), reproductive ability and other Features. It is said to be a literary work because it is different from the general description. It is the result of careful observation and research and expresses it accurately and vividly in academic language, giving people artistic enjoyment.

Characteristics of Squirrels

This kind of literary explanatory text is also called a scientific sketch. It is characterized by short, an article focused on explaining a problem, reliable data, factual data, and strive for the scientific nature of knowledge; lively and vivid, rich in associations and imaginations, narrable, descriptive, and integrating science into art. fascinating. The article “Squirrel” reflects this characteristic well.

The squirrel is a beautiful little animal, well-behaved, docile, and very likable. Although they sometimes catch birds, they are not carnivores. They often eat almonds, hazelnuts, beech, and oak chestnuts. They have beautiful faces, shiny eyes, muscular bodies, brisk limbs, are very agile, and are very alert. The exquisite little face, lined with a beautiful tail in the shape of a hat and tassel, looks very beautiful. The seat was always up until it reached the head, and he hid under the tail to cool off. They often sit upright and use their front paws to deliver food to their mouths as people do with their hands. It can be said that the squirrel is the least like a four-legged beast.

What do Squirrels eat?

Squirrels do not hide under the ground. They often move on high places, live on the tops of trees like flying birds, run in the woods, and jump from this tree to that tree. They make nests on trees, pick fruits, and drink dew. Only when the trees are blown too hard by the wind, do they come to the ground. Squirrels are rarely seen in the plains. They are not close to people’s houses, nor do they stay in small bushes. They only like to live in tall old trees. On a clear summer night, squirrels can be heard jumping and screaming on the tree, chasing each other. They seem to be very afraid of solid sunlight. They hide in their dens during the day to cool off and come out to run, play, and eat at night.

Squirrels don’t like getting into the water. Some people say that when squirrels cross the water, they use a piece of bark as a boat and their tail as a sail and rudder. Squirrels are not like mountain squirrels, which are dormant in winter. They are very alert. As long as someone touches the big tree where the squirrel is, they will run out of the nest on the tree, hide under the branches, or escape to other trees.

Squirrels pick up hazelnuts in autumn, stuff them into the hollow gaps of old trees, stuff them whole, and save them to eat in winter. The squirrel is very brisk, always jumping forward and sometimes jumping and running. Their claws are so sharp. Their movements are so agile, a tall smooth tree, they climbed up in no time. The squirrel’s call is noisy, a little bit sharper than that of a weasel. If you are annoyed, you will make very unhappy hate.

Squirrel’s Nest

The squirrel’s nest is usually built on the branches, and it is clean and warm. When they set up their nests, they first move some small pieces of wood, put them together, tie them up with some dry moss, squeeze the moss tightly, and step down to make the building spacious enough and solid enough. In this way, they can live with their children, both comfortably and safely. The socket is upright and very narrow, so you can barely get in and out. The mouth of the nest has a conical cover to cover the whole nest. When it rains, the rainwater will flow around and will not fall into the nest.

Squirrels usually give birth to three or four in one delivery. The squirrel’s fur is grayish-brown, and it changes after the winter. The new skin is darker than the shed fur. They use their claws and teeth to comb the hair all over the body, and their bodies are always smooth and clean.

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