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How to pick a watermelon?

Now is the season when a large number of watermelons are on the market. We can see them in supermarkets or fruit shops. In this article, we read about How to pick a watermelon?

The giant round watermelons lie quietly in the fruit frame, looking very attractive. People passing by were hot and sweaty from the sun, and they all took out their money to buy one to eat.

The big watermelon that is sweet and moisturizing and thirst-quenching is the favorite of many friends. Has everyone eaten watermelon this year?

Watermelon is refreshing, thirst-quenching, sweet and juicy, and has the reputation of “the king of summer fruits.” It is not only delicious but also has high nutritional value.

Everyone knows the deliciousness of watermelons, but 

Do you know how to choose high-quality watermelons?

Many people choose watermelons by tapping with their hands and distinguishing the quality of watermelons by sound but based on this alone. You still can’t pick the best watermelon. You only need to understand the following points to choose the skin. An excellent thin, juicy, sweet, and crispy watermelon, you are sure to get a good one.

1. Look at the texture of the watermelon

Every watermelon has lines of different sizes and shades. Just like our human fingerprints, they are all unique. Don’t underestimate these lines. They determine whether the watermelon is ripe, sweet, or not.

If the watermelon has extensive and precise lines, it is fully ripe, has good sweetness, and is worth buying.

If the watermelon’s texture is narrow and fuzzy, you must not buy it because it is not mature yet, and the texture and taste are inferior.

2. Watch Guardi

The part where the watermelon connects with the vine is called Guadi. From this part, you can also tell whether the watermelon is delicious.

If Guardi looks small and curved, like a pig’s tail, it means that the watermelon has matured and has a high sweetness. Don’t hesitate and start now.

If the watermelon is thick and straight, please do not buy it because this kind of watermelon is still in the growing period, and the taste is not sweet.

3. Look at the butt

The butt of the watermelon, that is, the bottom position, will cause color differences due to uneven sun exposure. Some are green. Some are white and even yellow.

The color of the bottom of the watermelon is whitish and yellow. Try not to buy it. Such a watermelon grows unevenly, and the sweetness of the flesh is different. We should try to pick those watermelons with a uniform color.

4. Look at the belly button of the watermelon

There is a slight depression at the bottom of the watermelon, just like our belly button. If the navel of the watermelon is more prominent and the depression is more profound, it means that the watermelon skin is thicker and the sweetness is lower.

Conversely, the smaller the navel of the watermelon and the shallower the depression, the watermelon has a thin and juicy skin and sweet flesh, so it can be purchased.

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